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Chain Cleaning Brush

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Revolutionize Your Sleep And Enjoy Total Relaxation 

Upkeep your Chains with Ease

Dirty Chain? Hard time cleaning?

Simply grab your Chain Cleaning brush to easily care for your chains & sprockets fast! Rid of the gunk and buildup and enjoy having a clean chain on each ride! 

Any Time. Anywhere. 

From Daily Workouts To Racing! 

Featuring 3-sided highly durable nylon bristles for effective cleaning. Heavy duty ABS plastic handle for easy grip and maneuverability. 


Commonly Asked Questions 

How do I use the Chain Cleaning Brush Tool? Safe for use on all Street Bikes, Off Road Bikes, Bicycles for cleaning of chains, sprockets and wheels.

  • Clean Chains, Sprockets & Wheels
  • Use for bicycles, dirt bikes and street bikes
  • 3 sided Nylon bristles
  • No Damage to parts! 

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our Cleaning Tools and know you will love it. Results are guaranteed for 30 days or your money back. Many companies make fake claims but have nothing to back it and offer no refunds. We are very confident you will enjoy your experience with our product and have no problem providing a 30-day money back guarantee. If for ANY reason you are unsatisfied with your Cleaning Tool - Let us know within 30 days for a 100% Stress Free Refund... No questions asked